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On the organizational and Legal Fundamentals of Combating organized crime

This law defines the main directions of the state policyand organizational and legal framework on organized crime.

Chapter I


Article 1. The concept of organized crime

1. The term organized crime in this Act means a series of crimes committed due to the creation and activity of organized criminal groups.

2. Types and characteristics of these crimes and criminal legal action against persons who have committed such offenses are set in the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Article 2. The purpose of combating organized crime

The aim of combating organized crime are:

Establishment of control over organized crime, the location, neutralization and elimination;

Elimination of the causes and conditions for the existence of organized crime.

Article 3. Objectives of the Law

The main objectives of this Act are:

creation an overall legal and institutional framework in the fight against organized crime, facilitate its prevention and elimination;

definition of government agencies that fight organized crime, and their relationships;

establishment of special government powers to combat organized crime and special measures taken by them;

establishment responsibilities of other government agencies in the fight against organized crime;

legal provision of financial, technical and other conditions necessary for the fight against organized crime;

guaranteeing the rights of citizens and legal persons in the implementation of measures to combat organized crime.