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According to the report of the State Border Service of Ukraine border guards detained a man in a van who wanted to smuggle600 litersof alcohol and the church bell across the state border in theSumyregion.

According to authorities, the offender in the Volkswagen van was stopped at the BCP Belopole – Ryzhovka – Iskriskovschina. It should be noted that alcohol was packed into 120 plastic bottles on five liters each.

In addition, the church bell could be worth approximately 200 thousand UAH, and batch of alcohol was estimated at 35 thousand UAH by law enforcement officers. The whole property was confiscated and passed to the tax police.

As it was reported on the 20th of March, border service detained the employee of the dining car in the train fromMoscowtoDnepropetrovsk, who wanted to secretly smuggle 329 Cosmopolitan magazines fromUkraine to Russia.

The State Border Service of Ukraine