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Odessa Information and Analytical Center on Organized Crime and Corruption created by the Department of Criminology and Penal Law NU “OLA” supported by the Center for the Study of Transnational Crime and Corruption (TraCCC)

Scientists, graduate students, journalists, politicians, members of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies take active participation in the work of the Centre.
The main task of the center of Odessa is the monitoring of the scientific and legal informational resources and analytical studies in countering regional and international organized crime and corruption.
The Center act as informational base for scientists and practitioners, politicians and public figures on the actual issue of combating organized forms of crime and corruption.
As another important task we see the synthesis of lessons learned on combating organized crime and corruption, development of proposals for its optimization.
Fields of work
The staff of the Odessa center working on the study of problems of organized crime and corruption in criminological, criminal law, criminal procedure, criminal aspects.
Researchers prepared more than one hundred analyzes on issues related to regional characteristics of organized crime in drug trafficking, smuggling, human trafficking, illegal immigration, fraud, laundering the proceeds of crime.
The issues of international law enforcement cooperation to combat transnational organized crime are also being examined.
Employees of the Center monitor the national and international legislation in the field of combating organized crime.
Systematically updated library, serves as the information base for students NU “OLA”, and for professionals in the field of combating organized crime and corruption.
Information resource center of Odessa – Internet Portal “Odessa Center on Organized Crime and Corruption” is intended to promote the acquisition by regional, national and international aspects of the fight against organized crime, and is designed for law enforcement personnel, researchers, teachers and students.
The portal located analyzes, press digest, abstract review of scientific publications and regulations on the problems of combating organized crime and corruption.
Odessa Information and Analytical Center hosts conferences, scientific seminars and round table discussions on organized crime and corruption, published a collection of scientific papers. Over the four years of its activities, the Centre has published more than five hundred scientific papers scientists and practitioners.
The Center conducts competitions Projects big and small grants, which bring together young scientists, practitioners, journalists investigating corruption and organized crime.
Center holds summer schools on the problems of the fight against corruption and organized crime, which is attended by young scientists from Ukraine and abroad. The experts involved leading Ukrainian scientists, politicians, journalists, members of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies.
The Center cooperates with the authorities, government agencies and law enforcement agencies, community organizations and the media.