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Scientific centers:


Center on studying Transnational Crime and Corruption (TraCCC) at American University (Washington, USA), established under the agreement with the Ministry of Justice.


Saratov Center on research of problems of organized Crime and Corruption, formed on the basis of an agreement between the American University (Washington, DC) and Saratov State Academy of Law.


Stavropolsky Center on studying Organized Crime and Corruption in Russia, organized jointly with the American University and the George Mason Center for the Study of Transnational Crime and Corruption (Arlington, VA.) at the Center of Stavropol social, political and criminological research.


Vladivostok research center on organized crime Vladivostok Center on Organized Crime was established in July 1997 by the grant of the Department of Justice of the U.S. government as part of the Joint Center study of organized crime in Eurasia. Centers on organized crime is a project of the Center on studying Transnational Crime and Corruption at the American University of the United States.


Tbilisi Center on Transnational Crime and Corruption (TraCCC) – Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi office TraCCC is an objective source of information on organized crime, corruption, smuggling and trafficking in Georgia.


Chelyabinsk Center on Organized Crime and Corruption began operations in September 2006. It was created on the basis of the Faculty of Law of the South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), with the financial and organizational support of the American University (Washington, DC). The purpose of the Center is to raise awareness among the public and law enforcement on the main problems and solutions facing society in fighting organized crime and corruption, both in Russia and abroad.


Computer Crime Research Center – Center for Computer Crime Research (Computer Crime Research Center) – an international, non-profit, scientific research organization, which operates on the principles of volunteering. The work of the Centre participate Ukrainian and foreign scientists, law enforcement officials and experts on the fight against cybercrime and cyber terrorism.


St. Petersburg Center on Organized Crime and Corruption Center made in implementing the research program as part of AU’s Joint Research Centre for the Study of Organized Crime in Russia. Basic forms of the center: joint research, study and summary of investigative and judicial practices, dissemination of information, organization of seminars and conferences on organized crime and corruption.


St. Petersburg International Criminological club – is a scientific association of criminologists St. Petersburg, Russia, other CIS countries and many other countries in the world. The objectives of the club are: the development of knowledge about crime and reaction to it, spread it for the benefit of man, the identification of criminal threats to Russia and hindering rehabilitation due to her place in the world to conserve its resources, the bulk of the arrangement of life of the population, improvement and expansion of the teaching of criminology, the introduction of criminological knowledge in school and pre-school education.


Crimpravo.ru – a scientific social network of criminal law and criminology focus, bringing together experts of different areas of law, researchers and practitioners, and students – all those interested in the issues of crime and punishment, criminalization and penalization, fighting corruption and the development of science and improve legislation.